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Time to talk...

13th of June 2021


A highly realistic module to enable 1-to-1 voice communication between ATC.

1st of August 2022

Voice ATIS

Voice ATIS has finally landed! You can now tune in to any online ATIS broadcasting airport across the globe to get the latest weather and airport information straight from your cockpit radio.
Only compatible with Altitude v1.11 onwards

11th of November 2022


The long-awaited release of Voice Unicom is finally here. Pilots, for the first time on IVAO, will be able to communicate and broadcast their intentions to assist with the avoidance of in-flight conflict by voice. For more information, click below.

Voice Unicom

What is Voice 2.0?

Revealing Voice 2.0, we are announcing a new project consisting of three phases. Each phase will include another significant update for Aurora and or Altitude to ensure you experience an even more realistic feeling and a seamless integration. As the name might already suggest, all three innovations will have something to do with voice. They will allow you to dive even deeper into the world of aviation! Check our page regularly to stay tuned on any update; they will make your day-to-day life on IVAO easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will IVAO Legacy software continue to work?

Yes. All of our Legacy software will continue to function normally, nothing will change for them. However, they will not be able to use INTERCOM to communicate with other stations, nor would other stations be able to contact them. Written communication using COMMBox will be required.

Will INTERCOM be a mandatory module to use for coordination during exams?

For the time being, no, usage of INTERCOM is not assessed during exams. Should this change, you will be informed by IVAO Training Department or your divisional Training staff.