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It's time to tune frequencies

Brand-new voice integration. Available for both Altitude and Aurora.

Available for download now

Pilot Client: Altitude

Your new pilot client arrives with support for all current flight simulation platforms. Development is still happening and new features will keep being implemented and pumping.

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ATC Client: Aurora

The first ATC client in many years developed in-house, it will allow us to seamlessly customize and adapt the software to offer you the best and most realistic ATC experience.

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Virtual Sky article - Voice Integration Announcement

After our teaser video, we released an article announcing that we are conducting the last stage of finalising and testing the integration of our voice module with our clients.

We are proud to inform you that we will release new versions of both IVAO Pilot Client: Altitude and IVAO ATC Client: Aurora with a brand-new voice integration on September 5th, 2020. Save the date!

This release is of extreme importance as it will eliminate the need for the standalone TeamSpeak 2 client, hence resolving several compatibility issues for our members. Most important, it pumps a super dose of realism into the IVAO Experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will IVAO Legacy software continue to work?

Yes. All of our Legacy software will continue to function normally, nothing will change for them.

Which IVAO software will benefit from voice-integration?

Both IVAO Pilot Client:Altitude and IVAO ATC Client:Aurora will benefit from the new voice-integration!

Is this release limited to certain simulators?

Absolutely not. The simulators that Altitude supports have not changed. The following simulators will all be able to benefit from this new update:

  • Microsoft® Flight Simulator
  • Microsoft® Flight Simulator X
  • X-Plane® 8 / 9 / 10 / 11
  • Prepar3D®

Will UNICOM be on voice?

UNICOM channel will remain on text for now.

Will the new voice-integration have VHF effects?

Yes, the VHF effect can be toggled on and off through the settings page within Altitude. More information can be found in our recently released VirtualSky Article.

How can I get in touch with Support staff?

If you are looking for support regarding the voice-integration release, please see the next question.

You can contact our Support staff through our Support forums. Keep in mind that this might take some time.

Where to request new features and report bugs?

Two brand new forum child-boards have been created for the voice-integration release. One for Altitude and one for Aurora.

Aurora Support board

Altitude Support board